A Month of Actions for Good Food Good Farming Culminates with a Protest Event in Strasbourg

22 Oct 2019

The European Days of Action for Good Food Good Farming culminated in Strasbourg, where 1000 people gathered at a rally outside the European Parliament to demand urgent action to address the climate and environmental crises in the ongoing reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). During the month of October, more than 70 actions and events were organized across Europe, as part of the Good Food Good Farming campaign, out of which more than 20 were held by Slow Food networks. 

A Rally for Urgent Reforms

With the CAP reform entering end-game negotiations, civil society used the momentum to showcase that the EU’s food and farming policies are not a fringe issue. To the contrary, they matter to many and affect millions. A demonstration gathered more than 1000 people who marched on the streets of Strasbourg to the European Parliament. Farmers headed the rally with tractors, demonstrating solidarity with civil society, and showing that the sustainable future of Europe’s food and farming systems is a vital issue for Europe’s farmers. At the end of the demonstration, which was full of music, sustainable food and speeches demanding an urgent political action, the Good Food Good Farming coalition met with Members of the Parliament to hand-over an open letter, and thousands of protest postcards sent from across Europe.

“The voice of citizens is a key element for the European political process, and we are here to make sure that their demands are heard by EU decision-makers. Today we deliver their calls for an agricultural reform, which stands in line with environmental and climate objectives. The upcoming months are vital as the CAP reform enters the final phase. It will play a major role in determining Europe’s food and farming future. The new Parliament, Commission, and Member States must act now before it is too late,” said Rachele Lodi, Slow Food’s International Councilor for Europe.

A Loud Voice from Slow Food across Europe

From earth markets to debates, and from the West to the East, Slow Food groups with more than 20 events in Europe made their voices heard at the Action Days for Good Food Good Farming this year. Some of the biggest events were organized in Finland, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, France, and Italy.

The European Days of Action for Good Food Good Farming were launched in 2018 to engage civil society, farmers, activists, and citizens to call for a fundamental change of our food and farming system with agricultural policies that promote a transition towards a better and sustainable food system, providing quality food for all.

Indre Anskaityte, Slow Food Europe

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