A Little Italy in Seoul

19 Nov 2015

In a sea of gastronomic treasures from across Asia and Oceania to discover this week at the Slow Food Asia Pacific Festival, Slow Food Italy along with a handful of well-known Italian producers are showcasing their traditional products, bringing a little piece of the country that gave birth to the Slow Food movement. Wandering around the Italian space, here’s a taste of what visitors can discover…


Extra-virgin olive oil by Roi (Liguria)

Roi’s Taggiasca olive groves are in the Argentera Valley, just inland of Sanremo in Liguria. Their extra-virgin olive oil is cold pressed and cold processed to guarantee the best taste, nutrition and preservation possibleThe Boeri family boasts a four-generation-long tradition of making fine olive oil.

Prosciutto by Dok Dall’Ava (Friuli Venezia Giulia)

The Prosciuttificio Dok Dall’Ava ham curers offer various kinds of raw cured hams, including an assortment of its classic San Daniele aged to different months and according to new recipes developed in years of research in Italy and abroad.

Pasta by Di Martino (Campania)

The famous pasta-making town of Gragnano is about half way between Naples and Sorrento in the region of Campania. The Di Martino family has been making pasta according to the local traditions for over 500 years and has created some true works of art.

Coffee by Lavazza (Piedmont)

Every year Lavazza selects the best coffee from plantations from all over the world to create its amazing blends. The Tierra project began in 2002, in collaboration with Slow Food, and now involves 3,000 coffee growers in eight different countries. From Perù to India, Brazil to Tanzania, Tierra has helped to improve the living conditions of coffee growers and to increase the income and social wellbeing of quality production while decreasing its environmental impact.

Rice by Gli Aironi (Piedmont)

The Perinotti family has been growing and harvesting rice in the Vercelli area of Piedmont for five generations. The ongoing aim at the small company is to continuously improve the quality of its rice, experiment better and less impacting methods of cultivation and rediscover the most traditional varietals of this precious staple.

Wines from Damilano (Barolo, Piedmont)

The Azienda Agricola Damilano is one of the most historical cellars in the town of Barolo, the town that lends its name to the name of the “King of wines” in Italy. The Damilano winery has defined wine quality and professionalism in cellar since 1890.

Organic products by Alce Nero Emilia Romagna)

Respect for the land, lack of the use of harmful chemical substances such as pesticides and herbicides, only wholesome ingredients respectful of processing methods which include low cooking temperatures and short processing times are just a few of the standards by which Alce Nero’s organic products are made. Since 1978 the brand has represented more than 1,000 producers.

The Wine Bank, The University of Gastronomic Sciences and the Albergo dell’Agenzia (Piedmont)

Pollenzo is located just a few kilometers from Bra, the hometown of Slow Food, and it is precisely here that King Charles Albert’s ancient farmhouse lies, restored to its fullest splendor thanks to Slow Food’s visionary founder, Carlo Petrini.

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