Cooks’ Alliance

What is the Cooks’ Alliance?

The Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance unites cooks and chefs from diverse backgrounds in preserving biodiversity, supporting small-scale producers and educating consumers about fairer and more sustainable food systems.

  • What We Do

    Share project guidelines and materials with those who are interested.

    Coordinate international initiatives, exchanges and events.

    Manage the project at the national, regional and local level.

    Connect cooks with small-scale producers, food activists and consumers.

    Train cooks on different topics such as agroecology, sustainable cook practices and educational formats

    Share the stories of these cooks through articles, publications, conferences and more.

  • What You Can Do

  • How to Set Up an Alliance

    Any community, country or region can start a Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance. It just takes a group of cooks who are willing to create connections between themselves and among (small) producers and other stakeholders of the food chain.

    If there’s already an Alliance in your area, you can apply by completing this nomination. If not, here’s how to introduce the program to your community.

    Here you can find the project guidelines.

    Riunite with other cooks from your area, discuss the strategy and main actions you want to as an alliance and write them down in your manifesto.

    You can fill out the online form, otherwise you can just write at [email protected] or to you local area coordinator.

    In order to use the logo of the project in their communications, cooks has to sign this document.

    Once every cook is on board, the Cooks’ Alliance can be formally launch setting up an event.

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