Feed the Change

A Campaign to Put Sustainable Food at the Top of the EU Political Agenda

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Food is not just sustenance; it is a fundamental pillar of our society, impacting our health, environment, economy, and social equity. Therefore, it is crucial that agrifood policies receive the attention they deserve from policymakers at the European level.

On June 6-9, #FeedTheChange ! Go vote !

Between June 6–9, 2024, millions across Europe will vote for their representatives in the European Parliament, presenting an opportunity to advocate for Good, Clean, and Fair food policies. In recent months, conservative EU policymakers and powerful lobbies have opposed green measures, jeopardizing food sovereignty and the planet’s future. We need EU politicians who promote sustainable farming, local food systems, and access to healthy food for everyone.




Through “Feed the Change”, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of EU politics for food and agriculture, and advocate for policies that promote sustainable food systems, support local farmers, and ensure access to healthy and nutritious food for all Europeans. We believe that by putting food at the top of the EU agenda, we can create a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable future for Europe.

At the core of our campaign lies a Manifesto crafted for the upcoming EU elections, in which we outline five key political priorities to address the pressing challenges facing our food systems and the environment. These priorities will serve as a framework for our advocacy efforts and engagement with policymakers, as well as a guide for EU citizens on voting day.

We invite individuals, organizations, and policymakers to join us in this important effort to prioritize Good, Clean and Fair food in the European Elections, and to encourage EU citizens to go vote.

Together, let’s make food a top priority in the European Union and work towards a future where everyone has access to Good, Clean and Fair food.

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