Revolutionizing our food for the global good

Everyone deserves to eat good, clean and fair food, but millions of people are struggling to secure it.

Governments and corporations have polluted our food systems, compromising our health—and the health of the planet—in their pursuit of profit. Advocacy is a strong tool we have to shape a world that works for everyone, and to ensure that everyone can access food that is good for them, good for the people that grow it and good for the planet.

Slow Food advocates for better food and farming policies to bring about significant social and environmental change. Building better food systems cannot be done alone, and so we engage the public and private sectors to find solutions for a cleaner, fairer future and forge alliances with others to counteract the impact of the industrial food system.

  • Our Goals

    Influence public institutions and the private business sector at every level in order to create policies and models that support fair and regenerative systems of production, distribution, marketing, consumption, and management of food loss;

    Inform, involve, and mobilize individuals and communities to become advocates for the necessary transition to fair and sustainable policies;

    Create alliances with others who are fighting for similar goals.

  • What We Do

  • What You Can Do

    The scale of today’s challenges can seem overwhelming to us as individuals. But by working together we can make a difference. By joining our global movement, staying informed, and advocating for better food systems, you add your voice to our collective call for change.

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