The Slow Food International team

Presidential Office

Did you ever wonder how Carlin simultaneously juggles so many props? Meet the team behind the curtain: Francesco Anastasi (aka Ciccio) and Rinaldo Rava are in charge of managing the working life of the President of the UniSG and Slow Food. As you might think, it’s not just about organizing his schedule, meetings, conferences, interviews and travel around the world, but also the operative part of all the projects he’s involved in.

International Communication Office

The Communications Office is where the magic happens. Do you want to know more about our latest news, our projects and get updates on our big events? That’s our job! We work in order to connect the Slow Food network around the world through web, print and social media. We also send a newsletter in seven languages and manage the websites for our three big events: Slow Fish, Cheese & Terra Madre Salone del Gusto. This also includes graphic design, online petitions, awareness-raising campaigns, and much more. It’s dirty work, but someone’s gotta do it!

International Press Office

How is Slow Food able to monitor all the articles, TV and radio services published in more than 160 countries about the organization? Well… thanks to its International Press Office! The Press Office promotes Slow Food, its activities, projects and campaign towards the media aiming to build the image of Slow Food as a global, grassroots organization, capable of playing an influential role among the policy-makers and the international institutions.

Geographical offices

Slow Food involves over a million activists, chefs, experts, youth, farmers, fishers and academics in over 160 countries. In order to coordinate the local and national networks all over the world, Slow Food International has created 4 different geographical offices: Africa, East Europe-Asia-South Pacific, Latin America, and North America-West&Central Europe.

People who work in the geographical offices support their local networks in every possible way. They provide tools, educate and strengthen the network, create new communities and find new opportunities for them. They also help map different territories, finding new products for the Ark of Taste and the Presidia… but you know what the best part of their job is? They visit the Slow Food networks in their countries and stay with them, eat with them, party and have fun with them! During the biggest Slow Food events held in Italy, they follow their delegates in every aspect of their participation and make sure they enjoy themselves, too!

Project Development and International Relations Office

The Project Development and International Relations Office develops projects and maintains international relations, unsurprisingly! This is the group which writes and manages our projects funded by other international organizations, such as the European Commission or the United Nations, as well as strengthening our institutional relations with them. Moreover, the office collaborates with our other offices to detect issues and needs, channeling them into articulated projects, position documents and news. Slow Food also has an active and ongoing dialog with the institutions of the EU (The Commission, the Parliament and the Council of the European Union), thanks to the presence of an office in Brussels, strengthening our collaborations with partner organizations and keeping the Slow Food network informed of all that is happening. The Brussels Office works on food policy, including the Common Agricultural Policy, regulations on Genetically Modified Organisms and measures taken against food waste, to name a few.

Administration Office

The Slow Food Administration Office provides operational support to all parts of the organization, as far as the main institutional functions of these bodies are concerned, including Administrative and Financial Direction, the Treasury, Programming and Management Control and Accounting.


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