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Slow Fish - Le poisson bon, propre et juste




Access and Diversity in Fisheries

Joshua K. Wrigley, freelance writer and marine conservation advocate, gives us his vision of the current fisheries policy debate in New England.



European Fisheries: Towards Youth and Collective Management

During a vote on October 23, the European Parliament approved draft rules for allocating the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).



Slow Fish Istanbul: A Diversity of Participants

Slow Fish Istanbul, which took place over four days from October 17-20, brought together players from all parts of the fishing world to explore the complex issues related to sea resources.



Il était une fois, un pont de poissons...

C'est une grande joie d'annoncer la première édition de Slow Fish Istanbul, qui réunit des délégués de plus de 10 pays pour parler de la situation de la mer Mediterrannée et des mers intérieures.



Slow Fish étend ses filets en Méditerrannée

Le réseau qui anime Slow Fish MED lance son programme d'activités aux rencontres Cui- sines en friche, du 11 au 15 septembre 2013 à Marseille.



Slow Fish, Spreading to the USA

New Campaign Kicks-Off to Highlight Importance of Locally Caught Seafood



Slow Fish, now a national campaign in Canada

Slow Food Canada is excited to announce the creation of the Slow Fish Canada campaign, a national group that will focus efforts on issues related to fisheries.



USAID promotes privatization of seas in Central America

Jorge Varela Marquez, Goldman Environmental Award 1999, tells us about the role USAID is playing in promoting ITQ fisheries in his country.



La pêche européenne navigue en eaux troubles

Le 10 juillet, le vote du Parlement européen dans le cadre de la réforme de la politique commune de la pêche a favorisé les intérêts du lobby des armateurs aux objectifs écologiques ; l'avenir des mers et de la pêche européennes est de nouveau menacé...



Recognizing and Protecting our Small-Scale Fisheries

Small-scale fisheries are the cornerstone of many of Canada's coastal communities. A current initiative undertaken by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) calls on Canadians to recognize and protect this cornerstone...



Et si les pêcheurs disparaissaient avant les poissons

Alain Le Sann, du Collectif Pêche & Développement, propose d'instaurer des mécanismes collectifs de partage des ressources, respectueux de leur renouvellement et plus proches de l'intérêt des communautés concernées.




How to Fix the World's Seas

The problems facing the world's oceans and marine resources can seem insurmountable. Many were discussed at Slow Fish earlier this month, but one conference in particular heard inspiring examples from around the world of a solution that could be the answer to many of those problems...



Slow Fish, Catching on Fast

Brett Tolley, from the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance and part of the Slow Fish network, presented the Slow Fish campaign at the Slow Food USA national convention...



Planet Ocean

We reflect on this year’s theme for the International Day of Biological Diversity – water – and its vital role for all life…



A perilous path

A massive wind farm development threatens the environment and livelihood of indigenous fishers and farmers in the Isthmus of Tehuatepec, Mexico...


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