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Slow Fish - Good, Clean and Fair Fish

Good, Clean and Fair Fish

The Slow Food philosophy is based on everyday gastronomic pleasure for everyone. This goes hand in hand with recovering the links that have long united people to the planet and their food.


To embody this philosophy, Slow Food has developed a concept of food quality divided into three fundamental and interdependent principles, summed up as good, clean and fair.


Good: fresh, delicious and seasonal, satisfying the senses and connected to our culture and local identity.


Clean: produced using methods that respect the environment and human health.


Fair: accessible prices for consumers, but also fair earnings that can guarantee decent working and living conditions for small-scale producers and workers.

These principles correspond to a global vision of food production, taking into consideration the environment’s ability to renew itself and the need for people to live together in harmony, and are as applicable to fish as any other food.


Eating in “slow” style and choosing good, clean and fair fish, we can all allow ourselves to enjoy the pleasures of the table and at the same time push the market towards a responsible management of seafood resources.


  Good, Clean and Fair Fish Good, Clean and Fair Fish  
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