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Slow Fish - Good, Clean and Fair Fish

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A New Direction for European Fishing

The European Parliament's approval of the new Common Fisheries Policy finally addresses ecological issues, but is still geared towards industrial fishing...



Breaking the Commodity Curse

If we care about local seafood and healthy, resilient coastal communities, the way we buy and sell fish here has to change...



Celebrating good, clean, fair fish

Dave Adler, the Community Supported Fisheries Coordinator at Ecology Action Centre, came all the way from Nova Scotia, Canada, to attend Terra Madre and the Slow Fish workshops. Here are his thoughts on the event...




European Parliament votes on Common Fisheries Policy

Members of the European Parliament's Fisheries Committee today voted on December 18, 2012, in favour of ending overfishing in and by the EU by 2015 and for the recovery of fish stocks by 2020.



Slow Fish @ Terra Madre 2012: Zero Draft of the FAO

Small scale fishing has caught the attention of the Food and Agriculture Organization, which has decided to write up a set of International guidelines for securing sustainable small scale fishing to be presented in 2014 to the governments of 191 countries. The Zero Draft was discussed by the Slow Fish network at Terra Madre.



Slow Fish @ Terra Madre 2012: The Value Chain

The value chain must work to recognize and respect the needs of the fishermen and workers who are all involved. The creation of distribution systems that are free from the large structures could be a solution to promote this.





Slow Fish @ Terra Madre 2012: Caught up in Terminology

When we talk about fishing rights, fishing communities or even sustainability, what are we talking about exactly? These are the questions that guided one of the workshops held at the space dedicated to the Slow Fish campaign during the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre.



Slow Fish @ Terra Madre 2012: The Fisher at the Center

How can we promote traditional fishing cultures while respecting their complexity? Slow Fish also tackles this issue because today fishers are increasingly at the center of a very lively debate, despite being entirely excluded from it.




slow Fish @ Terra Madre 2012: The Network

The Slow Fish network brings with it different languages and cultures, but also shared objectives. Passion unites the network members, who all have different backgrounds: fishers, chefs, marine biologists, journalists, students, anthropologists...



EU Votes for Stronger Shark Finning Ban

The campaign to strengthen the 2003 EU ban on shark finning, by getting rid of loopholes, has been supported by a European Parliament vote in favor of all sharks being landed with fins attached.



Defending Fleet Diversity

The New England Fishery Management Council took the historic step to preserve the unique character and diversity of the New England commercial fishery by prioritizing Amendment 18 to the groundfish fishery management plan.



Fishing Communities, Academics and Experts Gather at Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre 2012

Sustainable fishing management and responsible fish consumption will be one of the topics to take centre stage at this year’s Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre.




Grinding Nemo: what's the real cost of your prawn curry?

A major new film by the Ecologist Film Unit, Link TV and Swedwatch reveals the tropical shrimp industry in Thailand exploits both people and the environment.




Fishermen, the Earth and the Sea: rights and responsibilities

Written in 2001 and published in the journal Economics and Humanism, this article by Alain Le Sann of the Fishermen and Development Collective is surprising for its topicality and offers a comprehensive and nuanced analysis of the situation that fishermen face the world over.




Linking health and sustainability

When ordering seafood, the options are many and so are some of the things you might consider in what you order. Is your fish healthy? Is it safe? Is it harvested responsibly? A group of researchers have found a simple rule of thumb applies.


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