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Herkunftsbezeichnung: Juan Fernández

Die Hummer- und Goldkrebsfischer der Pazifik-Insel haben eine Herkunftsbezeichnung für ihre Produkte erlangt. Ein schöner Sieg für die Fischer dieser Insel im Juan Fernández Archipel, wo seit 2005 ein Slow Food Presidio aktiv ist.




Ocean 2012

Ein neues Video der Kampagne fordert die Politiker auf, die Ausbeutung der Fischressourcen zu stoppen. Es wurde anlässlich der Europäischen Fischwochen vorgestellt...



Small-scale fishing? Or artisanal fishing?

Reacting to what it sees as an oversimplification of the issue, the Collectif Pêche et Développement organization brings us an interesting analisis on the definition of small-scale fisheries, as well as the consequences such a definition might lead to.






Factory-Fed Fish: Monsanto and Cargill's Plan for the Ocean

Recent article of Common Dreams describes how agribusiness behemoths including Monsanto and Cargill are set to cash in big from industrial fish farming or "aquaculture" as the soy industry spreads its reign to the seas, a new report from environmental and consumer watchdogs shows.




Boston Fish Party

Good news from the North Atlantic Marine Alliance: a 70+ year prohibition against locally-caught seafood at farmers markets ended.







Small is Beautiful, but fluffy round the edges

An interesting analysis, by Brian O'Riordan, Secretary, ICSF Belgium Office, on the challenges of defining small-scale fisheries



Ein Umweltgewissen im Dienst des Landes

Der neue Umweltminister in Senegal ist Ali El Haidar, Mitglied des Netzwerks von Slow Fish und Terra Madre.



Unity in Diversity

FAO Voluntary Guidelines to Secure Sustainable Small-scale Fisheries (VG-SSF) promise an overarching framework that recognizes the rights of fishing communities to life and livelihood



Slow Sea Land

This weekend the historic fishing and agricultural town of Mazara del Vallo in southwestern Sicily hosted the first edition of Slow Sea Land, an event dedicated to celebrating quality food production across Sicily and the Mediterranean...




Fangsaison in Istanbul

Während der letzten beiden Jahre hat das Istanbuler Convivium Fikir Sahibi Damaklar verstärkt auf die Problematiken bezüglich der Ressourcen des Bosporus,



Guidelines for small-scale fisheries

Organizations in the Terra Madre network and fishers involved in the Slow Fish campaign participated in a workshop on the FAO's voluntary guidelines for small-scale fisheries, in Copenhagen in March. Brian O'Riordan from the ICSF explains why these guidelines should be applied to small-scale fisheries in the EU.



A Half Attempt

Niaz Dory, director of the North Altlantic Marine Alliance, reacts to what she calls Whole Food's half attempt, following the distributor's declaration that it would stop selling red-listed fish.






Sustainable prawns, at a price

Australian food writer Rachel Lebihan draws our attention on how interesting, and challenging, it is to source sustainable shrimps in Sydney, Australia.



CPF: Tackling Discards On Fishery Basis

The expected attempt to block the discard ban through a declaration in Council never happened. Instead, ministers today held a long discussion on different approaches on how to reduce discards. See the Videos from the meeting.




EU Ministers Meet over Fish Discards

EU fisheries ministers in Brussels to discuss a proposed ban on discards, the controversial practice in which fish of lesser-market value or that aren't part of licensed quotas are thrown back to sea dead


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