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Belgium - 16/05/2014

It is now less than one week until the European Parliament elections: But for whom should we vote? And what is their position on the themes we care about?

The political agendas of European-level parties are often not communicated with the same diligence as those of national and local ones. It is for this reason that we must pay attention to the campaigns and calls of the candidates that have intensified in recent weeks. In particular the responses that candidates give (or don’t give) to certain questions.

The European Union was not born by chance. In 1950, a few years after the end of the Second World War, six countries signed the Schuman Declaration to render war in Europe “not just unthinkable, but materially impossible”. Since then, the European project is the foundation of peace and prosperity in Europe. It is a union of citizens and of their States that pursue communal objectives throughout the European institutions. The Parliament is the only institution with directly elected representatives, contributing to the processing of many EU laws, along with national governments. For the first time, it will also choose the President of the European Commission.

Slow Food is asking candidates to commit to a Common Sustainable Food Policy: We must start with the recovery of the centrality and value of food. This food policy should strive for a transition towards a system of production, distribution and consumption of food that is good (respectful of health, culture, and tastes of local communities); clean (pays attention to the environment); and fair (respects the rights of both producers and consumers). The protection of biodiversity, the importance of small-producers and the role of consumers are all fundamental within this. It should put the same principles in practice in all negotiations and relations with other countries.

The Task Force for an Italy free of GMOs (Task Force per un’Italia Libera da OGM) also makes clear demands: to reinforce assessments of the risks associated with GMOs, to revise the legal instruments for the authorization of GMOs and to recognize the right of member states to ban GM crops in their own territories. EU Parliament candidates: tell us what you think, so we will know how to vote.


Marta Messa



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