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October 16 was World Food Day, an event celebrated annually to mark the day that the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) was founded. Every year the event has an official theme - in 2013 it was Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition. With this in mind, different groups from the growing global movement against food waste decided to come together and use the day to draw attention to one of the food system’s biggest failures: In a world in which around 870 million people are still chronically undernourished, huge volumes of edible food continue to be thrown away every day.

Food waste occurs at every stage of the food chain, but a significant amount occurs at source. Due to strict cosmetic requirements, reflecting the food industry’s idea of how fruit and vegetables should look, many products never leave the farm, for example over-sized melons, wonky carrots or curvy cucumbers.

Luckily however, due to the growing number of organizations and campaigns working on the issue of food waste, awareness is growing and habits are changing. In recent months, one event in particular has captured the imagination of people around the world: Disco Soup.

Disco Soup, with its roots in Slow Food Youth Network Deutschland (Schnippel Disko), sees people, young and old, come together in public places to chop vegetables sourced from local farms and markets that would otherwise have been wasted; often in huge quantities, always to music. Soups and salads are then prepared and distributed free to the general public. The events have been going from strength to strength with people around the world armed with chopping boards, peelers, pots, pans and disco beats showing that the best thing to do with food that would otherwise have gone to waste is to eat it! Recent highlights include New York, Amsterdam (Disco Soep), Nantes (Disco Soupe), and last week, during Slow Food’s AsiO Gusto, in Namyangju, South Korea (Yori Gamu).

This World Food Day, for the first time, Slow Food Youth Network, Youth Food Movement Nederland, DAMn Food Waste, Disco Soupe, and Feeding the 5000, teamed up for an exciting collaboration to organize simultaneous events, in different cities for what became known as Disco Anti Food Waste Day!

The collaboration was a huge success, with events organized in Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Luxembourg, Macedonia and the Netherlands - reaching a wide audience, the media and even politicians. YFM Rotterdam took part in a record breaking event, cooking continuously for 38 hours, serving 800 people with food that would have gone to waste; while Slow Food Youth in Prague met with students to demonstrate how to easily cook a healthy and tasty meal on just one hob. Meanwhile in Mexico, the Slow Food Network was invited to celebrate World Food Day together with the FAO. In Brussels, Feeding the 5000 used the occasion to officially launch their international campaign against food waste. All in all a great day, and maybe the start of something much bigger...

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Focus on

Towards a circular economy: a zero waste programme for Europe
Belgium | 03/07/2014
The European Commission has adopted the Communication "Towards a circular economy: a zero waste programme for Europe" to establish a common and coherent EU framework to promote the circular economy.

Find out more here.

Slow Food Italy Comments on the Start of Italy’s Six-Month European Presidency
Belgium | 02/07/2014
“Italy’s presidency of the European Union will undoubtedly be a unique occasion for our country to set the pace on important issues, firstly the regulations on seeds and GMOs, but also animal welfare and the right to food,” said Gaetano Pascale, the president of Slow Food Italy. “That’s why we are sending our best wishes to Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his team. We hope Italy will leave its mark on the future of Europe, bringing important reforms for the economy and policies on agriculture, energy and immigration. We also hope to see the creation of a Common Agricultural Policy that takes a holistic approach to the food system, contributing to the fight against waste, the protection of biodiversity and greater support for the role of local producers and consumers. Renzi said that he hopes Europe will find its soul. We at Slow Food are ready to work hard every day to help that happen.”

What is the impact of neonicotinoids on biodiversity and ecosystems?
United Kingdom | 27/06/2014

This video highlights the results of the Worldwide Integrated Assessment report on the use of neonicotinoids and provides a comprehensive, independent analysis on the use of systemic pesticides and their consequences.

EU: Yes to “Mountain Product” Designation
Belgium | 25/06/2014
The European Union has said yes. And now the European farmers and food producers who work and live in the mountains,...

Feeding the 5000!
Belgium | 16/06/2014
Back in April, Feeding the 5000 landed in Brussels, bringing a strong message against food waste to town. Slow Food and the Slow Food Youth Network were partners of the event.

Check out the video below to find out more about the day and all the partners involved.

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