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Moby's view on animal welfare

Italy - 01/08/2013

It’s annoying to hear about the misery of farm animals while you’re enjoying a hamburger. But, the musician Moby thinks we need to know more about animals’ quality of life before we start chewing.

In a video made for FAO’s animal production and health team, Moby says he would never tell anyone how to live – but he asks us to learn about the issue of livestock suffering and then make our own decisions.

Global demand for meat is on the rise, with a 73 percent increase in meat consumption forecast by 2050 and a 58 percent rise in the consumption of dairy. This puts more pressure on producers to raise more animals faster. Often that means a trade-off: higher output or higher standards?

Of course, the whole world can’t become vegan. Animals are an essential part of the culture for millions of people around the world. Families rely on meat, milk, eggs and other animal-based foods for survival. But this doesn’t mean humane treatment has to be sacrificed for the sake of quantity – even in areas where hunger is prevalent.

Read the full article and watch the video on FAO's website



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