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Belgium - 01/08/2012

During the past few months, there has been much emphasis on the crucial role that the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform will have for the future of European agriculture (click here to see one of many articles we’ve been publishing on the subject).
Public interest is growing, but to help foster greater understanding of the significance of the reform and the gravity of the decisions being made not merely for agriculture but quality of life in general - Slow Food and other civil society groups are organizing a public march starting in mid-August and culminating in Brussels on September 19 with a conference at the EU Parliament.

The conference CAP REFORM 2020 – An opportunity for European democracy is organized by Slow Food in collaboration with ARC2020.
Joining the Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Cioloş, European Parliament president Martin Schulz, Slow Food President Carlo Petrini and representatives of other leading European civil society organizations will be many citizens who arrive in Brussels via the Good Food March, organized in collaboration with Slow Food Germany.

Leaving from Munich on August 25th, the march will pass through villages and cities, uniting farmers, activists, ecologists and anyone else who cares about sustainable agriculture and promoting a better CAP. Small events and debates will be happening along the way, as well as a photo campaign – a growing album of portraits of individuals holding signs that express their wishes for the future CAP, which will be presented to EU politicians (send yours!).
The Good Food March participants will serve as a sounding-board for the aspirations of those who are not resigned to an agriculture dominated by agribusiness, but instead demand good, clean and fair food for all.



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