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Young Europeans for Sustainable Food

Romania - 07/07/2011

From August 1-6 the city of Turda, Romania, will host the first edition of "Young Europeans for Sustainable Food - YES Food!“ - a summer campus for students and young people (aged 18 to 25) dedicated to food education and sustainability, and organised by Slow Food Turda in collaboration with Slow Food and Terra Madre.

Selected by the Terra Madre Network, 80 youths and students from 12 European countries will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on the protection and promotion of sustainable food productions through a programme of workshops, tastings and on-site visits to small scale artisan food producers in Transylvania. Participants will be offered a unique opportunity to address a wide set of issues ranging from food education to the protection of food and agricultural biodiversity, from local knowledge to food sovereignty and the promotion of small-scale food production.

Above all, "YES Food!" will be a place to discuss the relationship between young generations, agriculture, and rural life, as well as the need for a supportive EU policy framework. Considering that the EU has lost 3.7 million full time jobs - i.e. ¼ of the assets in agriculture - over 9 years, this is a crucial issue in view of the reform of the European Union Common Agricultural Policy 2014-20.

In Romania alone in the 1990’s, the agriculture sector employed 42% of the workforce and contributed to a sixth of the national GDP. Employment in agriculture fell by 41% in just ten years and today represents only 6% of Romanian GDP.

This is why participants will elaborate a declaration calling for a new policy framework, which adequately supports youth employment and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector. Such declaration will be submitted to both Slow Food and European Union institutions.

"YES Food!" is possible thanks to the support of Slow Food convivia and the Terra Madre network in Romania, and the collaboration of Cezar Munteanu, among the most renowned chefs in the country and host of several TV shows.

The event is organized by Slow Food Turda in collaboration with Slow Food, with the support of Turda City Hall, the University of Agricutlural Science and Veterinary Medicine in Cluj Napoca, Radu Anton Roman Initiative Group, Chef Cezar Association, Adept Foundation, Potaissa Foundation, Liquirizia Onlus, Eco Ruralis Association and is possible due to the generous co-financers and sponsors: Slow Food, Orange Romania, Innovation Norway, Norway Grants, C2Media and Davision.



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