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Our Vision

for a Better Future

Slow Food has been involved for many years in the fields of agriculture and food production, distribution and consumption.

Its philosophy is based on a set of values and goals-biodiversity, sustainability, the conservation of natural resources, inclusive development-which it believes should lay the foundations for new European policies.

Slow Food wants to see a Europe with an agrifood system more sensitive to local products, the cultures of its territory and community needs.

Its goals are:

  • a deeper understanding of ecosystems and careful management of natural resources-air, land, water and biodiversity;
  • recognition of the fact that neither rural nor urban environments can enjoy harmonious development independently;
  • the creation of networks of rural communities, bound not only to their own environments and cultures, but also to urban populations and academic and scientific institutions;
  • aware urban communities capable not only of organizing themselves and connecting with surrounding rural communities, but also growing and producing some of their own food;
  • support to young people to encourage them to play a central role in agriculture and food production;
  • new formulas for the transmission of traditional knowledge and forms of artistic and linguistic expression;
  • universities and scientific institutions capable of enhancing local ecosystems by supplementing traditional knowledge with innovative techniques;
  • recognition of the value and dignity of the small-scale farming and fishing professions;
  • strong local identities and cultures, the building blocks of European identity and culture.


Slow Food intends to achieve these goals using a holistic approach. Meaning that each should be seen as single pieces of a larger mosaic, each as interdependent elements of an overall strategy.


Focus on

The Rise of Amsterdam’s Food Film Festival
Netherlands | 18/04/2014
One night in January 2010, four friends and I sat around a kitchen table. The Youth Food Movement in the Netherlands...

Land Grabbing Illustrated
Mexico | 17/04/2014
In the Sierra Norte mountain range, 300 km from Mexico, the indigenous Náhuat and Totanac peoples are facing a new...

A Future for Food that May be Hard to Digest
Belgium | 16/04/2014
With governments discussing the TTIP behind closed doors, Slow Food President Carlo Petrini asks what will be the...

Small Apples and Pig Kidneys
Belgium | 15/04/2014
More than 6,000 free meals prepared with 1,500 kilos of perfectly good food that was destined for the landfill. These...

European Commission taking the lead to protect bees
Belgium | 12/04/2014
The Bee Health conference, organised by the Commission on 7 April 2014 brought together a huge number of people in Brussels interested in bee health. The stakeholders, beekeepers, farmers, scientists, chemical-industry and environmental associations, had the opportunity to keep informed on the Commission work on bees. The actions presented were linked to veterinary practices and products, pesticides, beekeeping, environment and agriculture.

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