TTIP and CETA Trade Agreements: Where We’re at

The EU has been debating with the US and Canada on two major trade agreements: TTIP and CETA respectively. Both agreements have been loudly contested by Slow Food and civil society at large, as they grant special rights to corporations whilst threatening democracy, the environment and social standards. So, how far are we now in the negotiations?

EU Parliament: No to GMOs in Africa

This week the European Parliament called on members of the group of 8 leading economies (G8) to reject any efforts to promote cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops in Africa.

Another objection to GMOs

Yesterday, the European Parliament objected to herbicide-resistant GM maize authorisations. According to the non-binding resolution, the EU Commission should withdraw its authorisations for the use of herbicide-resistant GM maize.

Glyphosate Can Wait

The national experts’ eagerly awaited vote on the European Commission’s plan to grant glyphosate a new 15-year ‘lease’ isn’t going to happen today, as expected.