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Terra Madre Day: The Countdown Begins

Italy - 28 Nov 13

In Romania the Cluj Transilvania Convivium will gather to recall childhood recipes and bake traditional near-forgotten desserts, while in Tanzania, five communities are planning to come together for a school garden harvest and collective meal. In the US, local endangered foods will be cooked up at a dinner party, and in Venezuela the humble potato will take the stage, becoming the focus of a community festival. Hard-hitting issues will be faced in Mexico with a two-day debate program on food and the environment, while in Australia the traditions kept alive by Aboriginal women will be celebrated. Add a kimchi party in South Korea to the mix, being organized by the local Slow Food Youth Network to swap and compare family recipes for this national dish, and it’s fair to say there’s a lot on the menu for this year’s Terra Madre Day. Now in its fifth year the global celebration of local food held on December 10 – Slow Food’s official anniversary – is fast approaching. The theme of this year’s event is saving endangered foods. We want to use December 10 to raise awareness of the traditional foods disappearing all around us, along with the knowledge, techniques, cultures and landscapes behind their production. Coming together for one day all around the world, we’ll paint a picture of the incredible food biodiversity that surrounds. By creating a symbolic map of these foods, we will be able to send an even stronger message about its fragility. So get involved this December 10! Find an event near you or create one of your own, as simple or complex, big or small as you wish. Get inspiration from past editions and download graphics on the Terra Madre Day website. And don’t forget to register your event – you will join the world map and be published alongside all the other initiatives happening at the same moment in a truly global celebration. Find out more at:



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