Slow Food

A World of Presidia Dinners

Italy - 25 Feb 05

A World of Presidia dinners will be held in six American cities in the months of February and March 2005, and will be the American launch of Slow Food's international projects to protect agricultural biodiversity: the Presidia. They will feature the produce of farmers and food artisans who collaborate with the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity from France, Italy, Madagascar, Ecuador, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Ireland alongside foods from America's rich agricultural heritage, such as Ojibwe wild rice, Navajo Churro sheep and artisan raw milk cheeses.
The dinners will be held in Philadelphia (Feb. 28), New York (Mar. 1), Chicago (Mar. 7), Minneapolis (Mar. 8), Los Angeles (Mar. 13), and Portland (Mar. 14). Each is staged in a restaurant in collaboration with the local Slow Food Convivium, and will serve between 30 and 100 participants. The menu is based on an eclectic selection of international Presidia products that ranges from wild caught Irish salmon to aromatic vanilla from northern Madagascar. The international products will be rounded out with a selection of rare foods from the American Presidia, including products such as hand-gathered wild rice, raw-milk cheeses, and fresh Cape May oysters.
The Presidia products are Slow Food's most active and hands-on approach to assisting food producers. All of the Presidia products present at the World of Presidia dinners are currently the focus of programming, promotion, and investment for the Foundation – as they represent the agricultural heritage that Slow Food works to protect. Over 150 individuals, companies, public bodies, and foundations around the world currently support the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, including the Consorzio Oltrepo Pavese, the partner in the World of Presidia dinners.
Oltrepo Pavese is the third-largest producer in Italy – after Chianti and Asti – of red and white wines, and Oltrepo's farmers are second only to the region of Lombardy in the total number of acres dedicated to vineyards. The most prominent wines are: Oltrepo Metodo Classico; Pinot Nero; the full-bodied red wines of the Buttafuoco region; Sangue di Giuda, a sweet wine unique to Oltrepo; red wine made from Croatina and Barbera grapes; Riesling; and Bonarda, an accessible red wine.
The Consorzio Vini Oltrepo was founded in the 1960s to develop and promote the Oltrepo region's DOC wines, it is based in Broni. The Consorzio is at the heart of the Oltrepo region, not far from the region's capital, Pavia, a city of art and history that was the center of the kingdom of the Lombards and is nearby Milan, Piacenza, and Genoa.

Diners across the states will discover new flavors and stories next month, find out more about what is happening in each city by contacting:


February 28
FARMiCia Restaurant and Beakers Bar
Chef – Kevin Klause

New York
March 1
Beppe Restaurant
Chef – Cesare Casella

March 7
Thyme Restaurant
Chef – John Bubala

St. Paul
March 8
Heartland Restaurant in St. Paul
Chef – Lenny Russo

Los Angeles
March 13
Angeli Caffe
Chef – Evan Kleiman

March 14
Castagna Restaurant
Chef - Kevin Gibson

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