Slow Food

Cheese 2003 – The Final Figures

Italy - 22 Sep 03

The attendance figures for Cheese 2003 —155,000 visitors in four days— went beyond the organizers’ wildest expectations. What is more, the number of youngsters and families with children present was notably high. As was the percentage of foreign visitors.

The fact is that Cheese is a unique event, whose importance is acknowledged not only by members of the trade, but also by consumers, increasingly well-informed and discerning.

So let’s take a closer look at the figures.

19,000 people sat down at the Great Hall of Cheese, consuming 149 types of PDO and PGI cheeses with 36,000 glasses of wine.

4,000 students from all over the north of Italy (from kindergartens to secondary schools) attended special lessons:
7 educational demonstrations of Cheese production at the AFIDOP stand;

120 lessons along the Milky Way.

Another 4,000 visitors attended the practical demonstrations in the AFIDOP and Milky Way sections of the event.

26,40 people took part in 44 Taste Workshops, about 15% of them from abroad (USA, Canada, Great Britain, France and Germany).

At the Slow Food stands: 2,000 books published by Slow Food Editore and 4,000 wine glasses were sold.

Some Slow Food Italian Presidia cheeses—Raviggiolo, Pecorino delle montagne pistoiesi, Monti Sibillini, Marzolina and Provolone delle Madonìe—had already sold out on Sunday.

The International Presidia cheeses were also much sought after. 500 700-gram chunks of Polish Oscypek cheese were sold. 100 kg of Niotiko from Greece, 90 kg of US raw milk cheese (available only for tasting)), and 250 kg of Gamonedo from Spain were also finished off.

15 kg of yak’s milk cheese from the Republic of Tuva (Russia) were consumed in tiny tasting portions, as well as 450 kg of raw milk Gouda (The Netherlands), 120 500-gram slices of Zincarlin (Ticino, Switzeland), 250 kg of artisan salted butter (Denmark), 180 kg of Irish raw milk cheese, 2 quintals of Dutch Texel (80 wheels), and 400 kg of English Cheddar.

Given the hot weather that accompanied the event, ice cream, Coop yogurt and milk shakes.

A few facts and figures : 18,000 tubs of Panna Elena ice cream were sold; 500 kg of apples, 400 kg di bananas, 400 kg of pears and 1,000 kg of peaches were used by Battaglio for its milk shakes; 130 kg of chocolates and 1,000 Lindt chocolate bars.

The exhibitors were overwhelmed by the success of the initiative.
British cheeses were especially popular. Neal’s Yard Dairy of London sold 800 kg, while Wester Lawrenceton Farm sold 200 kg of its produce, Glen Moray Carola (aged in whisky) in particular.

Another big hit were the mustards, tracklements and jams of the Le Tamerici stand, which sold 3,000 jars in three days.
On Monday morning alone 5,000 slices of focaccia di Recco filled with crescenza Valle Stura were sold.

Last but not least, 10,000 meals were served at the Campania, Abruzzo, Friuli, Gennaro Esposito, Caseificio Alta Langa and Cucina delle Langhe kiosks.

Last but not least, 250 people tasted the Slow Food Presidium Pannerone cheese at the Lodi Provincial Authority stand.