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Slow Food collaborates with the Kasturba Gandhi National Trust

Italy - 07 Mar 03

Last week in Bra, Mahatma Gandhi’s niece Tara Gandhi, a charismatic ambassador for peace and non-violence, met Slow Food’s head of biodiversity protection projects Piero Sardo in Bra.

Tara Gandhi will be in Italy until March 20, a guest of the Fondazione Votigno of Canossa, to launch the ‘Gandhi Indore’ project, funded by the Kasturba Gandhi National Trust, the organization founded by Mahatma Gandhi in memory of his wife to help India’s poorest women and children. All the centers of the Kasturba Gandhi Trust support themselves by cultivating the land, producing their own cereals, vegetables, and fruit, as well as traditional preparations such as preserves, dairy products and oils. Piero Sardo took the opportunity to explain to Tara Gandhi the Slow Food International Presidia project to save local traditions, raise the profile of quality produce and provide them with new market outlets. In the course of the meeting, the bases were laid for fruitful collaboration between Slow Food and the Kasturba Gandhi National Trust to launch development projects for typical Indian products and preparations. The aim is not only to provide economic support but also to conserve biodiversity and cultural identity in the sub-continent.

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