Slow Food

Carlo Petrini asked to be member of international Future of Food commission

Italy - 05 Feb 03

Slow Food president Carlo Petrini has been asked to become a member of the international Future of Food commission, which met for the first time in Florence yesterday. The commission’s first act was to present a 10-point Manifesto entitled ‘The Florence Declaration on Global Food Rights’.
“I’m proud to be a member of this work group, which is made up of people from vastly different personal and professional backgrounds,” said Petrini. “The Manifesto that has been drawn up isn’t a proclamation but a concrete stimulus to pinpoint the problems that hinder the diffusion of sustainable agriculture to suggest strategies for a new global food policy. If the Manifesto is signed by plenty of associations, public and private bodies and politicians all over the world, it’s bound to have a tremendous impact and could serve as a significant platform for discussion at the upcoming WTO summit in Cancun, Mexico.” Championed by Claudio Martini, president of the Tuscan Regional Authority and chaired by Vandana Shiva, the famous Indian scientists and activist, the Future of Food commission is made up of opinion leaders and scientists in areas of study linked to food and environment issues.

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