Slow Food

SALONE DEL GUSTO: The Cittaslow Award 2002

Italy - 26 Oct 02

At midday today against a backdrop of drawings by Tullio Pericoli, the Cittaslow president Stefano Cimicchi presented the first ever Cittaslow Award for ‘public administrators of cities round the world who have stood out for actions, works or systems inspired by “Slow’ practise and philosophy. “We wish to reward the commitment of those who administer ‘cities of good living’ to acknowledge the fact that they have opened a new front of ‘slow’ culture, organizing, creating and acting with imagination and knowhow for their citizens, for the quality of life and for the environment. ”The Award is split into two sections: the first for administrators of certified Slow Cities, the second for administrators of large, non-Slow cities that have, nevertheless, applied some of the key principles of the movement to their urban reality. During the conference, Silvio Barbero, the national secretary of Slow Food, explored the topic of slowness as a cornerstone for a new quality of life, while Professor Mario Morcellini pointed out that a slow approach to life encapsulates the modernity of the ‘Slow City Movement’. Cittaslow is strong brand,” he explained, “If it induces us to think: thinking in fact is slowness, whereas making noise is fastness.” Mauro Vallinotto urged the audience to spend a day or two in a Slow City, and described the contradictions of his fast life as a special correspondent and his own personal pursuit of a slow life. The Award jury (composed by Stefano Cimicchi, Cittaslow president and mayor of Orvieto, Don Cosimo Fonseca, professor at the University of Bari, Ezio Manzini, urban planner and professor at Milan Polytechnic, Lella Mazzoli, head of the Faculty of Sociology at the University of Urbino, Marino Melissano, president of the Regional Technical Center of Research on European Consumption, Giacomo Mojoli, international vice-president of Slow Food, Mario Morcellini, director of Communication Sciences at the University of Rome, Dennis Redmond, director of the Associated Press in Rome, Giuseppe Roma, director general of CENSIS, Roberto Pasca di Magliano of Rome University and director general of the Ministry of Industry, and Mauro Vallinotto, photo editor of Specchio, the color supplement of the Turin daily, La Stampa) met in Orvieto on October 12) and unanimously assigned the Cittaslow Award 2002 for the ‘Cittaslow administrators’ section to Roberto Angelucci, mayor of Francavilla al Mare (Chieti) for the ‘project for the promotion and improvement of small-scale fishing as a paradigm of an intervention capable of wedding tradition and innovation, collective and personal interests, environment and production through the involvement of the entire city”, and, for the ‘non-Cittaslow administrators’ section, to Bertrand Delanoë, mayor of Paris, because of “the proven capacity of its administration and its first citizen to govern a modern metropolis and an outstanding city of culture, while welcoming and professing every diversity”.