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Slow Food at San Rossore

Italy - 11 Jul 02

Next week Slow Food will participate in the meeting on globalization to be held on the former presidential estate of San Rossore (Pisa) on July 16 and 17. The purpose of this year's meeting, the second of its type, is to develop dialogue between movements and institutions working on the problem of globalization.

Slow Food will be particularly involved on the second day of meetings, dedicated to food and nutrition. The movement's presence at the event is further confirmation of its drive to increase eco-gastronomic awareness within society.

Slow Food has been working on this agenda for some years now, not just in Italy but also internationally. At a grass-roots level, the movement is actively developing initiatives to develop concrete models for a 'new agriculture'. From projects such as the Slow Food Award for the Defense of Biodiversity in Agriculture to the Presidia, school education programs and the Master of Food courses, right through to the creation of the world's first University of Gastronomic Sciences, Slow Food is as committed as ever to the development of consumer knowledge and appreciation.

Carlo Petrini, Slow Food's founder and president, and Claudio Martini, president of the Tuscany Regional Authority, have reached an important agreement, which will unite the two organizations in a project for the protection of biodiversity. Following the presentation of this exciting project, a rich line-up of speakers will include farmers, producers and the representatives of various associations and cooperatives, all working with Slow Food. Each speaker will discuss his or her work and present alternatives to the homogenization of monocultural agriculture.

Speakers will include:
Viviano Venturi of the Association Agricoltori Custodi, formed three years go in Tuscany's Valdarno Superiore area. Venturi will describe how he has revitalized the cultivation of ancient Tuscan plant varieties and how he works to save and defend the traditional produce of local agriculture. He and his association were the protagonists behind the first Slow Food Presidium born in Tuscany, the one set up to protect the zolfino>
Jesus Garzòn will describe his struggle in Spain to revive the ancient tradition of droving (the movement of stock on foot) to revitalize ecosystems under threat and breathe fresh life into small, often forgotten rural villages. He was a winner of the 2000 Slow Food Award.

Zoubida Charrouf Aside from being a finalist in the 2001 Slow Food Award, Charrouf is the founder of a Moroccan cooperative of Berber women producing Argan oil from the fruit of a tree at risk of extinction due to desertification and the indiscriminate exploitation of its timber.

Maja Jani, the director of Navdanya, India, will speak of this movement's experience in the defense of mustard seed oil, a traditional product threatened by rules that, in the name of hygiene, favor the industrial production of a lower quality product. Mustard seed oil is one of Slow Food's first International Presidia.

Margherita Longo will speak of her experience working with the Slow Food Presidia for the dark, tiny and delicately flavored lentils of Ustica, cultivated entirely by hand in the volcanic soil of the island.

Slow Food's contribution at San Rossore will involve not only the various experts and producers, but also a presentation of the products themselves. The event will be an extraordinary opportunity to taste the products of 29 Italian Presidia and three International Presidia, incorporated into a buffet with a range of other excellent products.

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