Slow Food

What To Do at Cheese

Italy - 01 Aug 07

Buy Cheese of all types, shapes, sizes and ages; soft, hard, stretched, pressed or blue; sold by retailers, expert buyers, institutions, consortia, mountain shepherds or Slow Food Presidium cheesemakers; Diary products such as ice cream, butter, yogurt and products that go well with cheese such as honey, jams, fruit preserves and jellies; Taste 70 different blue cheeses from all over the world in the House of Blue Cheeses accompanied by sweet and passito wines; Cheeses from Italian and international Slow Food Presidia; Mountain cheeses from Italy, France, Switzerland and Greece; Leading cheese products from cheesemakers in Romania and Bulgaria, the most recent countries to join the EU; Incomparable mountain cheeses made by shepherds; Fermented milk from the Mediterranean and Middle East: yogurt, kefir, labné... 1,500 wines from the Enoteca in the Great Hall of Cheese; Beers offered by leading Italian and international brewers; Artisan beers from small Italian and Belgian brasseries; Street food in the Bierplatz; Traditional Italian flavors in the Tasting Booths; Menus offered by the 15 Dinner Dates in prestigious restaurants of the area; The cheese platter served by 51 restaurants around Piedmont; Snacks and aperitifs with Slow Food Presidia in the special open-air Slow Food Café; Learn At the Master of Cheese classes about blue cheeses; At the 32 Taste Workshops dedicated to the most interesting cheese products, presented by experts and accompanied by suitable beverages; In the tent of the Taste Education Circus with a program for schools; In workshops organized at Cheese for Kids, the area reserved for games, tastings, cookery and food education lessons for young people between 4 and 12 years of age; Participate In the evening entertainment staged in the baroque setting of Bra’s historic center; In concerts held at Cheese venues; In the 3 conferences examining some crucial food and agriculture issues; In the award ceremony for the Purveyors of Good Cheese; In the Wine Auction at Pollenzo, where the sale of top Italian wines will help charitable causes; In book presentations, meetings with people... and much, much more.