Slow Food

The United States at Cheese 2007

Italy - 26 Jul 07

The presence of artisan cheeses from the United States at Cheese is very significant, since the country’s food industry has been such a powerful force that it has caused the almost total disappearance of traditional practices. The producers exhibiting at the event are testimony to a new US generation, accustomed to farmer’s markets and organic products, focused on food quality and respect for the environment. US products can be found in the Great Hall with the Presidium for American Raw Milk Cheeses, a new school of cheesemakers, often women, who have introduced a diverse range of innovative artisan cheeses. The areas of production cover various states: California, Connecticut, Indiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin. Through this project, Slow Food USA is promoting a campaign to support the rights of all artisans who process raw milk. Still inside the Great Hall is a section dedicated to blue cheeses, the House of Blue Cheese. Here the United States is presenting three products: Bayley Hazen Blue Raw Ayrshire, Bonnieview Farm Moss End, and Pure Luck Hopelessly Bleu. Finally, be sure not to miss the Taste Workshops: while sitting in a classroom setting, participants will learn about and taste cheeses presented by experts and producers. Look out for this session featuring the USA: Monday September 24, 1.00pm – Blues around the World Five blue cheeses from Italy, France, United Kingdom, Australia and the United States will be married with five sweet and passito wines representing the best of world wine: Port, Sherry, old Madeira, Sauternes and sweet wines from Central Europe.