Slow Food

The UK at Cheese 2007

Italy - 26 Jul 07

Britain will be well represented at Cheese, stimulated by the fact that one of the very first international Presidia was set up to defend raw milk cheddar cheese, a variety that had practically disappeared in its artisan version. In the Great Hall in Corso Garibaldi, the United Kingdom will present two Presidia among the almost 200 PDO and PGI cheeses available for tasting: Artisan Somerset Cheddar, and Gloucester Cheese. Here are short descriptions of the two Presidia. Artisan Somerset Cheddar: the name Cheddar is now so widespread that it is often used to indicate any hard cheese. But an important artisan tradition is still hanging on in the county of Somerset, its area of origin, and it should be defended. The Presidium was created to educate consumers about a different type of Cheddar cheese, one produced using local raw milk and processed by hand. The large cylindrical forms, covered in a grayish mold, reward you with complex aromatic sensations and enclose a rich, buttery, straw colored paste. Gloucester Cheese: as far back as 1500 the City of Gloucester hosted a celebrated market for cheese, butter and meat. Gloucester cheese is now produced in two versions: “single” and “double”, according to the type of processing and maturation times (longer for the second type), but they are both united by a common history and the same ancestor. The Presidium was set up with cooperation of the Gloucester Cattle Society, a breeders’ association formed to encourage the use of milk from the local Old Gloucester breed. In the House of Blue Cheese, situated inside the Great Hall, you can find top blue cheeses made from all types of milk. Britain is presenting Stichelton, a cheese with ancient origins, which has been revived by keen cheesemakers and affineurs, along with other cheese treasures such as Colston Basset Stilton, Strathdon Blue, Beenleigh Blue and Harbourne Blue. Piazza Carlo Alberto and Piazza Roma are the location for the Great Cheese Market, which hosts cheesemakers, selectors and affineurs from all over the world. Food From Britain, the organization that promotes British products around the world, will be showcasing fourteen producers. The Taste Workshop sessions will also have a British flavor. While sitting in a classroom setting, participants will learn about and taste cheeses presented by experts and producers. Friday September 21, 7.00pm – Fulsome British Treats Tasting of six British cheeses selected by Juliet Harbutt, author of numerous publications on cheese and President of the British Cheese Awards. Served with apples, apple juice and Three Counties Perry (Slow Food Presidium). Monday September 24, 1.00pm – Blues around the World Five blue cheeses from Italy, France, United Kingdom, Australia and United States will be married in a classic match with five sweet and passito wines representing the best of world wine: Port, Sherry, Madeira, Sauternes and sweet wines from Central Europe.