Slow Food

A Kenyan Community Comes To Italy

Italy - 14 Jul 09

From July 13 to 23 2009 a group of five producers from the community of farmers will be visiting Italy. They live in the Molo Highlands (Rift Valley). Kenya is one of the most important African countries for Slow Food with its 9 convivia, 140 members, 27 food communities and 11 school gardens. Visit’s program The Kenyan delegation, led by Slow Food Vice-President John Kariuki (a student at the University of Gastronomic Sciences originally from Kenya), will have a packed program of visits and training events in Italy. The group will first be welcomed by Slow Food Tuscany and will visit the Valdarno Chicken Presidium, the Presidium for Pistoia Mountain Pecorino and some producers from the San Miniato Earth Market (Pisa). The visitors will then travel to Liguria, where Slow Food convivium leader Barbara Schiffini, supported by Federico Barli, Provincial Minister of Agriculture and Tourism of the Province of La Spezia, will accompany them on a visit to the community of the Vara Valley Black Hen, with a diversion en route to the Cinque Terre (where they will be able to see the sea for the first time in their lives). Luciano Spagnaro, coordinator for the Black Hen community, will welcome the delegation to Casaletti, near Varese Ligure. Next stop is the Antica Corte Pallavicina in Polesine Parmense (Parma), where they will attend the “Night of the Culatelli”, a traditional event organized by the Spigaroli family who make a donation every year to the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. The 2009 donation will be given to the Kenyan farmers to help them set up a Presidium for Mucunu chicken, and in particular for the purchase of an incubator and other equipment. Mucunu chicken A poultry species, the mucunu features a completely featherless neck and head. These heavy birds have long, elongated bodies and feathers ranging from black to white, red and blue. The chickens weigh about 3 or 4 kg and are very popular due to their tasty meat, size and because the hens are excellent brooders. The eggs are small with a light brown shell and deep yellow yolk tending to red. At the end of the program the delegation travels to Rome, thanks to the assistance of Rossella Angius (Slow Food Fiumicino convivium). Slow Food Coordinators in Kenya: Jane Karanja tel. +254715639223 Peter Namianya. tel. +254711219873