Slow Food

Salone del Gusto 2006

Italy - 31 May 06

A presentation of Salone del Gusto 2006, organized by the Piedmont Region, City of Turin and Slow Food and to be held in Turin, October 26-30, was held today, May 31, 2006 at 15.30 in the Yellow Hall of Lingotto Fiere.

Robert Burdese opened the event, explaining the choices and new elements that will characterize Salone del Gusto 2006 to a large gathering. “We are ten years on from the first edition, and thinking back to 1996 we can say that this year’s edition was already in gestation. At that time there was already an emphasis on defending biodiversity and the objective to show the way, with a focus on quality and small artiginal producers. Today, Salone has chosen to sacrifice commercial exhibition space in favor of presidia and strengthening ties with Terra Madre, to demonstrate that it is possible to make progress without development”.

Elda Tessore, Councilor for Tourism and City Promotion, offered greetings from the City of Turin, on behalf of Sergio Chiamparino, recently reconfirmed as mayor. “Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre together contribute to emphasize the tourism sector of our region,” she said. “The event in October will again bring to life the intensity seen during the Olympics. The city will work to organize and promote a festive mood and participation in the event; we want to again present a welcoming spirit like that of last February, when Turin became the capital of sport. Food, music and sport are the common languages of the world. Turin will be the capital of taste”.

Mercedes Bresso, president of the Region of Piedmont, reinforced the importance of this event for the regional institution. “This year, Salone del Gusto has certainly grown in qualitative and quantitative terms and, together with Salone, the Piedmont region has also made developments. We have reached this point thanks to the collective ingenuity that has emphasized our characteristic regional culture, furthering the perception of our products, their essence and high quality. Terra Madre has become a philosophy, a way of being, a new way of thinking about production and economics. Once again Salone del Gusto will add value to Piedmont and once again we will count on the success of local strength”.

To conclude, Carlo Petrini spoke of the success of the idea despite being considered – ten years ago – utopian and hatched by a group of dreamers. “Instead, time and experience have proven us right and demonstrated that applying industrial production modes to agriculture and to food isn’t the right solution for a sustainable environment and for society. Salone del Gusto, this year held concurrently with Terra Madre,” continued the president of Slow Food, “demonstrates that quality is and must be accessible to everybody, neither elitist nor a ‘niche market’. We wanted the global farming community to be involved because they have to take on environmental sustainability, without which there is no future for our planet. It is an essential alliance that must also become part of the education of new generations who lack ties to the land and production processes, resulting in a huge cultural loss and a perilous situation. This year Terra Madre will bring new life to Salone del Gusto. The Terra Madre network, with the strength of virtuous globalization, helps local production to resist the ‘bad’ globalization of poor quality and social injustice: Salone del Gusto is the platform for this economy”.