Italian Cheese: A Guide To Its Discovery and Appreciation

Gigi Piumatti, Angelo Surrusca, Piero Sardo, Slow Food Editore, 2005

Many of the cheeses described in this book are not household names and they probably never will be. Italian Cheese introduces us to 291 traditional Italian farmhouse cheeses - a vast heritage of local products born from Italy’s extraordinarily varied landscapes, natural environments, dairy breeds, and cheesemaking techniques.

Starting with illustrated descriptions of traditional and industrial cheesemaking, the book take us through the processes of buying, tasting, and storing cheeses. Dictionaries of tasting terms and the language of cheeses and cheesemaking provide essential preludes for the heart of this book - descriptions of Italy’s farmhouse cheeses, traditionally made from cow’s, ewe’s, and goat’s milk.
Organized by region and accompanied by elegant color photographs, each description covers how the cheese is made and matured, along with historical and geographic nuggets.

Both an informative and passionate book celebrating a rich, rural European tradition, Italian Cheese will make you start packing your bags for a cheese lover’s tour of Italy and perhaps a visit to Slow Food biennial event 'Cheese'.

Piero Sardo is president of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. Gigi Piumatti is general manager of Slow Food Editore. Angelo Surrusca is a Slow Food writer.

Published by Slow Food Editore

The book can be ordered from Chelsea Green publishing.


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