Slow Food

What you can do

  • Eat less meat: Base your diet on plant foods like legumes and grains
  • Choose meat produced with high animal welfare standards and avoid meat from industrial farms
  • Pay attention to price: overly cheap meat is often a sign of animal and environmental exploitation
  • Opt for local small-scale farmers of native breeds
  • Choose different species. In Europe, for example, the market demands primarily pork and poultry, leading farmers to intensively produce just a few species. Choosing different animals and breeds helps lighten this pressure.
  • Choose different cuts. Cattle are not just made up of steaks. The parts we don't buy often end up as waste and wasted meat leads to the demand for more and more animals to be farmed.
  • Push your representatives and policy makers to rethink agricultural policies, providing incentives for sustainable, higher welfare farming that uses local breeds, supplies local markets and discourages the intensive model of agriculture