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The following graphs represent a consolidated account of our three main entities: Slow Food International, the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity and the Terra Madre Foundation.

Slow Food International supports and finances all activities related to the membership association, including its education and advocacy program; the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity supports projects in defence of biodiversity (especially in the Global South); and, the Terra Madre Foundation organizes the biennial Terra Madre event in Turin and supports all activities of the worldwide food communities’ network, including assistance with developing regional Terra Madre meetings and their local networks.

Under the figures for costs, you will not find items related to the Terra Madre event in Turin (the budget is biennial and funding comes almost exclusively from Italian government institutions), nor the balance sheets of the National Associations (Italy, United States, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, The Netherlands, Australia, of France), as they have their own balance sheet which is independent of Slow Food International. All resources and in-kind contributions coming from 100,000 volunteer members of the convivia, representing the real heart of our movement, have not been included in the calculation.



Membership represents the annual base contribution that each country makes to Slow Food International for managing the membership association’s network. The amount of this contribution varies from country to country. In countries with no National Association, the membership fee is divided (by percentage) between the convivium and Slow Food International. Where a National Association exists, a quota goes to the convivium and a quota goes to the National Association, with the National Association making a predetermined contribution annually to Slow Food International.

This category includes all individual donors, foundations, and businesses that, by both financial and in-kind contributions, support our initiatives.

This includes a portion of revenues generated during international events (such as Salone del Gusto) in which Slow Food is an organizer. The contribution may be designated as either restricted (for a specific project) or non-restricted funds.

Such partners include Italian government institutions (such as the Piedmont Region, the Tuscany Region), who have supported the fundamental growth of Slow Food, and who sustain many of the projects of our movement in the Global South.



To simplify our organizational structure and explain how we operate, we focus on the following programmatic categories: Membership, Terra Madre, Biodiversity, and Food Education. Costs included in these calculations are maintenance and growth of the membership and Terra Madre networks and their associated projects such as education and advocacy, communications for all programs (development and distribution of materials such as the Almanac or Companion, web site development, informational brochures, etc.), management of our projects in the Global North (however, all costs related to projects directly coordinated by a National Association and/or convivium are not included in these figures and in no way impact the budget of Slow Food International), management of our projects in the Global South (Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Oceania), and personnel that directly coordinate program areas.

Our investment in raising funds outside of Italy was a new priority for Slow Food in 2008, and this cost reflects our commitment to sustainable organizational growth. We seek to decrease our dependence on Italian government support by diversifying our funding portfolio, particularly with increased individual and foundation contributions.

Operational costs include administration, IT, management, and general services personnel, in addition to structural costs such as the maintenance of Slow Food International headquarters.
The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity prepares an annual Social Report, to audit and measure its social, economic and environmental impact. Click here (link to pdf of Social Report 2007) to download the most recent report

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