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Terra Madre

Today the Terra Madre network includes 2,000 food communities representing over 300,000 small-scale farmers in 153 countries, plus 1,000 cooks, 500 academics, and 1,000 youth, commited to establishing a good, clean and fair food system for all.

Day by day this vast network is impacting the lives of over 1 million people through its activities and values.

Our wish is to continue to give food communities from every corner of the planet the opportunity to participate, especially dedicated small-scale producers from developing countries who otherwise could not afford to have their voices heard.

You can help us to make this come true.


Your support is invaluable to guarantee the future development of the network. Individually we can only do so much, but joined together in a movement, we can innovate, inspire and turn the tide!


Terra Madre appreciates your support!


Even the smallest donation makes a big difference.


Your donations will help:

  • Preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable agriculture
  • Bring small-scale producers and consumers together in new market opportunities
  • Spread education of food production and taste to all ages

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Terra Madre
Terra Madre
Terra Madre
Terra Madre

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