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Chontalpa Cacao Presidium, Mexico

Following the disastrous floods in 2007,
Slow Food launched a fundraising appeal to
help several small cooperatives in Chontalpa,
 a region in the state of Tabasco known for
 cacao production and for being the origin
 of one of oldest cacao varieties, Criolla.


Slow Food used the funds raised for some emergency projects, working with the local
 NGO ATCO (Asesoría Técnica en Cultivos Orgánicos), but also to strengthen its commitment to the area with the launch
of a Presidium. The Presidium aims to help small-scale cacao producers to improve the cultivation, fermentation and drying of the beans to find commercial channels more profitable than the local market, which does not value the quality of cacao and the producers' work and to shorten the supply chain, putting growers and chocolate producers in direct contact.
The producers are working on a production protocol which will protect the Presidium
cacao and its traditional cultivation methods, guaranteeing respect for the environment and
for workers.



  • provide ATCO's technical and marketing assistance to the organizations of producers (assistance in the field, technical training, opening and maintenance of commercial channels)
  • identify new organizations of producers to expand the Presidium and thus multiply its positive effects
  • buy the materials for making new fermentation boxes
  • buy the materials for building new solar dryers (greenhouse-type structures)
  • promote Chontalpa cacao, involving quality chocolate producers

Production area
Cárdenas and Centro municipalities, Chontalpa region, Tabasco state


25 producers united in four organizations (La Nueva Esperanza, El Porvenir
and La Ardilla cooperatives in Cardenas El Grano de Oro cooperative in Centro) Families of the producers (125 members)

Total estimated costs


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Chontalpa Cacao Presidium, Mexico
Chontalpa Cacao Presidium, Mexico
Chontalpa Cacao Presidium, Mexico
Chontalpa Cacao Presidium, Mexico

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