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Local Production –Fair Prices – New Markets

A significant part of the economic change affected by Slow Food will have long-term results as we seek to rebuild local economies, starting from food. By developing local production chains, we reduce the global transfer of food and money, putting the focus back on the communities in which we live.

In 2007 a study was conducted on 22 Presidia projects in 11 countries, to determine their economic impact. All 22 projects saw a huge increase in production from the launch of the project up to 2007, with an average increase of 372% and 17 saw an increase in the value of their product, with an average increase of 79%. The Presidia model continues to be replicated throughout the world to increase the:

  • Number of small-scale food producers, and their
  • Skills in sustainable production techniques and marketing,
  • Income levels, and
  • Market presence and visibility

At Earth Markets – an international network of farmers’ markets which adhere to principles set by Slow Food – prices charged are fair, transparent and justified. The emphasis is on fairly rewarding the work and raw materials needed to obtain a quality product, and avoiding intermediary costs by selling directly to consumers. The fairness of prices is controlled by each market’s Management Committee.

Earth Markets, and all Slow Food events and programs, tend to be for small-scale producers. Smaller operators have more difficulty in competing in the global retail trade, but their scale often allows them to offer high quality food products that meet good, clean and fair criteria. Slow Food provides the helping-hand needed to reach markets and attain economic sustainability.

Tel Avivi Earth Market

Israel’s first modern-day farmers’ market was opened in Tel Aviv in May 2008 by Slow Food and joined the Earth Market network in early 2009. In under a year, the weekly market of 50 producers was attracting a regular crowd of 4,000 customers and many of the city’s chefs, demonstrating the desire and potential of local economic models. Three more Earth Markets are currently being planned for other locations in the country

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