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Balkan Emergency

The torrential rains that hit the Balkans last week have wreaked havoc in the region.  Worst hit are Serbia and Bosnia, where the situation remains critical.

Affecting both urban and rural areas, the floods represent a serious problem for a region whose hopes for economic and social renewal often lie with agriculture.

Local Slow Food Presidia and Terra Madre food communities are among those in trouble, with the destruction of crops, agricultural land, and storage and production facilities. Particularly affected are:

  • Velika Plana food community, Serbia
  • Gledi Crvena Ranka Plum Rakija Presidium, Serbia
  • Potkaozarje and Podgrmec Convivium, Bosnia

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Given this situation, Slow Food cannot remain idle. These people and areas represent an important part of our network, fragile and in need of help, today more than ever before.

Make a donation! Help us to rebuild our communities.

Fundraising will also continue during the Terra Madre Balkans event, which will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, from June 19 to 22. 



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Balkan Emergency
Balkan Emergency
Balkan Emergency

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