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Food and Taste Education


Education Project for Local Consumption, Palestine

The agricultural sector in the West Bank is struggling because of lack of access to water (80 percent of water resources are in the hands of the Israelis), constant confiscation of land by Israel and production decisions made based on the Israeli market rather than internal food security.


Additionally the Palestinian population mostly prefers products from Israel or imported from abroad rather than local products, because they are cheaper and considered to be safer and more attractive.


Slow Food is promoting education initiatives in the Palestinian territories that re-educate the local population about the agricultural products and traditions of their own land, to support the rural economy and improve food security in the urban areas of the West Bank.


Since 2011 the Slow Food Nablus and Bait Al Karama convivia have been working to set up a multipurpose center to promote the cuisine of Nablus, organizing courses for the local people and international tourists. This project is an essential source of income for 45 women from the city, which has an unemployment rate that can reach between 60 and 80 percent. It is also facilitating the creation of a network of consumers who care about local products.


In Ramallah, the local volunteer association Sharaka, the driving force behind the Ramallah farmers' market food community, has started two school food gardens and a community food garden.

Finally, the Youth Development Association organizes initiatives with young people throughout the Palestinian territories each year on Terra Madre Day. In 2011, they held seven events for Terra Madre Day, involving over 1,000 young people in Hebron, Jenin, Bethlehem, Jericho and elsewhere. The day of celebration strengthened the relationship between the younger generations and their land.


• organize participation in exchanges with Italian producers and food communities to improve Palestinians' capacity to organize promotional activities for typical local products
• construct irrigation systems for the two school gardens and the community garden in Ramallah
• print informational material (booklets, brochures, etc.) to help schools run sensory and taste education activities
• support the realization of five events based around food education and the promotion of local, traditional products in schools throughout the West Bank for the fourth Terra Madre Day, on December 10, 2012


West Bank


Over 1,000 people


Total Estimated Costs for 2012-2013



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