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Pozegaca Plum Slatko Presidium, Bosnia Herzegovina

Slatko means "sweet," but in the Balkans it is also used to refer to fruit conserved in syrup. Mostly prepared at home, these preserves are made in different areas of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia, but they are no longer as common as in the past. The upper valley of the Drina River, in Bosnia, is particularly suited to plum growing, and the slatko made here requires a laborious production process.


In the village of Filipovici (Ustikolina - Goražde), a group of women have revived the traditional recipe with the help of several older women. The main ingredient is the Pozegaca variety of plum, which is grown along the banks of the River Drina. After being soaked and then peeled and pitted by hand, the plums are cooked slowly over a wood fire. Started in 2004, the Presidium has helped the producers generate income from this domestic activity, creating a small cooperative which produces and jars the traditional slatko in accordance with food-safety regulations.



  • organize the third edition of the Ustikolina Taste Festival (organized by the Presidium women since 2009 to promote small-scale quality products from the Drina Valley)
  • promote the product to local restaurateurs and at events and fairs around Bosnia
  • organize training courses so that another five women can join the group of producers
  • produce communication material to promote the product and its place of origin

Production area
Upper Drina Valley, Ustikolina, Goražde



11 producers and 2 plum-growers, for a total of around 40 people in the village of Ustikolina


Total estimated costs for 2012-2013



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Pozegaca Plum Slatko Presidium, Bosnia Herzegovina
Pozegaca Plum Slatko Presidium, Bosnia Herzegovina
Pozegaca Plum Slatko Presidium, Bosnia Herzegovina

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